Come Play!

We create opportunities for musical theater-makers of excellence who exist in the intersections of underrepresented groups while providing all ­access programming for artists to collaborate and grow together. 

MTF is revolutionizing the way new musicals are developed in New York City. Our signature Assembly Line™ development program, built around peer evaluation and collaborative feedback, ultimately guides a new musical from its initial idea to a first full draft and even a first production, all at no cost to the artists. The Assembly Line™ offers pathways for experimentation, collaboration, and community. The process is one of being in community and brings multiple, culturally competent viewpoints in nurturing spaces for our artists.

We are deeply committed to providing spaces where people of every demographic can gather, and where the work is radical, intentional, rigorous, and inclusive. Performance measurement is integral to our organizational management and program development, and to be accountable to stakeholders: funders, participants, and the community we serve. They see the impact of their support, while we get feedback for improvement. Our rubric framework of goals and outcomes includes accomplishments (volume/quality of works: measured by events and audience attendance, number/quality of artists developed: measured by awards, productions); impact (rigorous feedback from participants and how they value the programs, how audiences receive the shows, and evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, of community appreciation), and organizational learning (marketing, financial, venue, scheduling, audience surveys).